Wednesday, July 6, 2011

JerSpeaks Releases New Online Bio for Jeremy Jer Dunlap

Jeremy Dunlap Bio
Known as “Jer”, Jeremy Dunlap has traveled as a speaker and trainer from Hawaii, to Connecticut, to Canada and beyond. Jeremy Dunlap brings two decades worth of public speaking experience to every event. With a focus on leadership, consultative selling and relationship building, Jeremy Dunlap has product and industry knowledge as well as coaching and change management. Specifically, Jeremy Dunlap on behalf of Baker Communications has been working in the banking and financial sector for the past two years as an integral player in the implementation of a cultural shift and new sales philosophy in an effort to unify three different financial organizations merged through acquisition. As a result, Jeremy Dunlap has an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of branch banking, associated roles and the daily challenges experienced in that industry.

Prior to his dedication and service with bank facilitation, Jeremy Dunlap shared his instructional talents as one of Baker Communications core facilitative team members bringing soft skills training to the hundreds of clients BCI serves specifically in the technology, manufacturing, and financial industries. With Baker Communications, Jeremy Dunlap’s client list among numerous others includes PNC Bank, Capitol One Bank, SAP, Dell, NASA, BP/Castrol, and Cox Communications. However, Jeremy Dunlap takes the most satisfaction and pride in his work with the men and women of the United States Military. Within that arena, Jeremy Dunlap has had the honor of working with the United States Army, the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corp, and the United States Air Force. As well, Jeremy Dunlap holds the high privilege of offering communications and negotiations training to the men of naval Special Forces.
As an accomplished writer, Jeremy Dunlap is recognized for his insights including his most recent contributions to Violated Online published by Dunham books. In addition, Jeremy Dunlap is a contracted writer with one of America’s premiere online reputation management firms.

Jeremy Dunlap has been speaking to audiences since the age of fifteen and ran for public office at the age of eighteen. A former political consultant, Jeremy Dunlap personally helped manage a “long-shot” State Senate race to victory, worked in the West Virginia State Capitol, and consulted numerous local and state political campaigns. As a Delegate Alternate, Jeremy Dunlap was one of the youngest members of the 1996 Republican National Convention.

Jeremy Dunlap left politics and spent a decade in church ministry and youth event speaking. He has been a contracted speaker and trainer for one of the nation’s top online job placement companies, speaking to thousands of high school students, college students, and parents. As well, Jeremy Dunlap has experience in both radio and television mediums.